Monday, January 14, 2013

Laundry bin Revamp

Good MONDAY morning my Beauties!!
That's right..its Monday and I don't know how I feel about that yet..
Kids only have school 3 days this week (they just went back last week......what's up
with that????)
So I have to get everything I NEED to get done in 3 days instead of 5...
I normally can't even get it done in 5...UGH!
One of the things that always needs to be done is...YOU GUESSED IT.......
Laundry...So I thought..why not make it fun.

I was playing with my Silhouette and decided just to print out the word LAUNDRY...(after
I spell checked it because it seems to be one of those words that looks funny when you spell and think...that can't be right..LOL)

Then I grabbed this old beverage bucket tote thing that I had bought at was just plain...

I stuck the vinyl to it and...

Voila.....There you have it...all done..and adds just a little bit of fun to
a not so fun task!!!
Hope you enjoyed!
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